The Intriguing History of Spook Show

There has been continual debate among classic horror film fans as to which magazine was the first "monster mag." The general consensus is that FAMOUS MONSTERS, premiering in February 1958, holds the coveted title, though some place emphasis on a British publication, SCREEN CHILLS, that may, or may not, have been published in 1957. In my research into the horror genre of the past, I started to come across references in dusty libraries, haunted house estate sales, and annoying microfiches of something called SPOOK SHOW. Intrigued, I pursued a new line of research into what was this SPOOK SHOW publication. After diligent searches and contacting numerous collectors, some of whom insist on not being identified, I uncovered the astounding fact that SPOOK SHOW was a publication that existed well back into classic horror film history, possibly as early as the silent era, up to the days of the explosion of monster kid-om that occurred in the late 1950s. As I began to collect whatever material I could on this publication, including actual copies (my collection is still, alas, nowhere near complete), I realized that SPOOK SHOW was clearly the first monster magazine, covering not only traditional spook shows, but also supernatural literature and, primarily, the horror film! More details will be provided in this blog, as SPOOK SHOW lives again!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Horror Comic?

EERIE COMICS No. 1, published by Avon and released for January 1947, holds the distinction of being the first stand-alone horror comic published in the United States. SPOOK SHOW readers were thrilled with its premiere, but disappointed that there was no follow-up...until 1951, when Avon restarted the numbering of EERIE COMICS with another issue #1. The 1947 EERIE COMICS comprised six horror stories, a two-page non-comic drawn tale--all in a 52 pager. We hope to upload several contents in the near future!


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